About us

FAIRSQUARE provides legal advice to clients
in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Ukraine.

International activities

Providing comprehensive and professional legal advice requires insight and multidisciplinary collaboration. You will find both these things here - thanks to our team of experts with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in more than 15 areas of law.

We have been providing legal advice in Slovakia since 2011, in the Czech Republic since 2015 and in Austria since 2021. We entered the Ukrainian market in 2024.

Expertise and experience

A lawyer must be able to evaluate every aspect of a case, think contextually and not lose his/her eye for detail. With this approach, we have developed into a sought-after law firm with an international presence and a broad portfolio of domestic and international clients.

Straightforward approach

The journey to resolve a legal situation requires a superior understanding of the well-worn legal paths, but also the courage to follow new, unprecedented ones. With FAIRSQUARE you will achieve success fair & square.

We are a TEAM

By working with FAIRSQUARE, you not only gain a lawyer’s individual expertise,
but also the law firm’s collective international know-how.

We measure our success by our clients’ success. We represent individuals and smaller companies, as well as major national and international corporations, including global leaders in their segments.